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International duties and dues are decided by the shipping address entered at checkout. If dues and duties are included in the amount of your order this will be described at checkout.

Substituted, your order may not contain dues and duties. That means your bundle may incur community duties and dues from your local community office. Please argue with your local customs branch for more detail. If candidate, you will be required to pay such fees upon receiving your order.


You can add more products and remove from your products which things you already purchase from your shopping bag before you checkout.

Please note that the amount and cash charged is shown by the shipping address entered at checkout.

Orders shipping within the United Kingdom and the rest of Europe will be charged in USD.

The next step is to choose a shipping procedure, as well as enter your payment detail. If you are ready to give your order then you can, click confirm.


We charge money in dollars. At the time of receiving your order, we lead out a standard pre-allowable on your paying method to sure that there is sufficient money to fulfil the transaction. If the payment detail is wrong or not complete, then we contact you for approval before your delivery is shipped.


After some time, when you place your delivery, you will receive a confirmation email. If it does not show in your inbox then check your junk and spam folders.

Please review the delivery confirmation and contact us if you receive any errors.


Please ensure that we have a 9-12 working day shipping process (without weekends or holidays) from the time your delivery is placed. If you have made an international delivery, please mark that we have a 10 working day required for the shipping process. This order does not include that which can be a PRE-ORDER. If your delivery is a pre-delivery then make sure to check the date in which that specific product is to be sent. This detail can usually be found in the Product’s Description and will also be emailed to you.

 A ‘Processing’ importance means that your delivery has not yet been sent. You will get a tracking number by email once your delivery has been sent.